Royalty Free Stock Job Clipart by Djart

  1. Man Holding Slice of Cow Meat and Butcher Knife
  2. Border Patrol Officers
  3. Male Construction Worker Operating a Yellow Heavy Equipment Crane
  4. Apprehensive Businessman Looking out from the Doghouse
  5. Accidental Businessman Cracking and Injuring His Lower Back While Lifting a Heavy Box the Wrong Way
  6. Businessman Flying on a Rocket to the Right
  7. Businessman Going to the Bathroom in a Public Toilet
  8. Male Locksmith Picking a Padlock on a Wooden Door
  9. Black Man Installing a Household Satellite Dish
  10. Repairman Putting a New Tire on a Huge Yellow Truck
  11. Scared White Worker with Trypanophobia Getting a Flu Shot from a Nurse
  12. Mechanic Working on an Old Classic Car That's Propped up
  13. Crime Scene Investigator Man Investigating a Murder
  14. Male Construction Worker Standing Beside an Excavator with a Shovel
  15. Caucasian Farmer Getting Ready to Butcher a Chicken
  16. Happy Dog Being Groomed While Laying on His Back
  17. Male Mason Cementing a Brick Wall
  18. Male Artist Holding up a Single Finger and Drawing a Smiley Face on Canvas with a Paintbrush
  19. Bored Guy Working in a Cubicle
  20. Senior Dog and Cat Groomer
  21. Angry Wife Watching Husband Crawl out of the Doghouse
  22. Businesswoman Impatiently Watching a Repairman Fix Her Broken Photocopy Machine
  23. Man Wearing Gloves Opening the Door of a Hot Boiler with Valves
  24. Funny Misspelt Lemonade Stand Operated by Children
  25. Cheapskate Businessman Pushing a Large Copper Penny
  26. Judge, Witness, Stenographer, and Lawyer in a Courtroom on White
  27. Hotel Clerks Working the Front Office
  28. Curious White Boy Watching a Man Build a Wooden Fence
  29. Two Employees, Man and Woman, Restocking Shelves at a Bookstore
  30. Caucasian Female Realtor Taking a House off the Market
  31. Caucasian Forklift Driver Delivering Fragile Boxes Upside down
  32. Caucasian Boy Getting His 1st Haircut at a Professional Barbershop
  33. White Husband and Wife Getting Taxes Done by Their Professional Accountant
  34. Ethnic Tattooer Man Applying a Permanent Decorative Tattoo to a Man's Upper Arm with a Tattoo Gun on White
  35. Fat Male Doctor Looking at X-ray of Human Spine
  36. White Businessman Putting Business Tie on in Front of Mirror
  37. Thorough Male Doctor Giving Patient a Prostate Examination - Humorous Medical Clipart
  38. Caucasian Male Architect Engineer Writing on a Blueprint with a Pencil
  39. Caucasian Alert Policeman Pointing His Pistol at a Criminal
  40. Exaggeration of a Strong Caucasian Man Moving a Heavy Grand Piano
  41. Ethnic Male Pharmacist in a White Coat Filling a Prescription Bottle with Medicine Pills
  42. Male Worker Eating His Lunch Outside, Resting Against a Fire Extinguisher
  43. Female Mail Carrier Delivering Letters into a Mailbox
  44. Hostage Businessman Tied with Rope to a Computer Chair
  45. Expert in Hypnotism Waving a Pocket Watch Back and Forth
  46. Vibrating Worker Operating a Portable Jackhammer While Working on the Roads
  47. Goofy Teenage Boy Working the Cash Register at a Fast Food Mexican Restaurant
  48. Dry Cleaner Business Owner Standing Beside Clothing and Cash Register
  49. Male Worker Spraying Something with a Professional Pressure Washer
  50. Male Butler Cleaning and Polishing Wine Glasses with a White Cloth
  51. Beekeeper Man Checking a Honeybee Apiary (Bee Hives)
  52. Disgusted Woman Holding a Can of Cleanser While Scrubbing a Dirty Toilet in a Bathroom
  53. Mother Doing Laundry with Her Two Kids
  54. Group of Customer Service Workers in Their Cubicles
  55. Bored Female Customer Service Representative Sitting in a Cubicle in Front of Her Computer
  56. Businessman Working at a Business Firm on a Computer in His Cubicle
  57. Man Spraying with a Pressure Washer
  58. Pressure Washer Man Working on the Ground
  59. Male Ranchers Heating Branding Irons in a Campfire Beside Their Brown Cows
  60. Businessman Trying to Walk with Four Dogs on Leashes
  61. Graveyard Shift Police Officer Shinning His Flashlight Forward
  62. Grocery Cashier Woman
  63. Floor Man Installing New Carpet in a House with Tools on His Belt
  64. Businessmen and Businesswomen Sitting at a Table During a Business Meeting
  65. Four Scientists Working with Chemicals in a Science Lab
  66. Businessman Shooting a Game of Pool
  67. Businessman Criminal Holding a Ball and Chain That's Been Attached to His Ankle
  68. Convicted Businessman Wearing a Ball and Chain Around His Ankle
  69. Green Dinosaur Worker Operating a Pressure Washer
  70. Goofy Male Carpenter Man Carrying Plywood and a Hammer
  71. Chubby Overweight Blond Secretary Woman Working at a Computer Desk in an Office
  72. Bored Gray Haired Secretary Woman Working at a Computer Desk in an Office
  73. Chubby Silly Man at a Podium Giving a Passionate Public Speech and Gesturing Peace Symbols
  74. Strong Proud Female Politician Gesturing with Her Hand While Giving a Public Speech
  75. Friendly Male Chef in a Chefs Hat, Holdinga Thanksgiving Turkey in a Roasting Pan
  76. Business Man in a Suit at a Podium Giving a Passionate Public Speech
  77. Friendly Male Chef Salting Food in a Frying Pan
  78. Friendly Male Chef Holding Two Pots in a Kitchen
  79. Pair of Exhausted Nurses Napping on a Break at the Hospital
  80. Caucasian Female Mechanic Working on an Old Classic Car
  81. White Sewer Worker Walking Through a Dark Tunnel
  82. Pair of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team Digging Through a Pile of Fallen Debris
  83. Local Caucasian Water Heater Repairman Taking Notes
  84. White Businessman Smoking a Cigarette in His Cubicle
  85. Average Security Guard Checking Property at Night for Criminals
  86. Caucasian Female and Male Pilots Ready to Board a Plane with Passengers
  87. White Guard with Keys Standing Beside a Prisoner in Jail Cell
  88. Plumber Man Checking an Air Meter and Valve, His Butt Crack Showing
  89. Successful White Businesswoman Riding a Rocket
  90. White Worker Putting out Cones Around His Utility Truck
  91. White Salesman Trying to Sell Tires on Clearance
  92. Pair of Workers Smoking Cigarettes While Holding Shovels
  93. Smiling Man Driving a Taxi Cab Across Country
  94. Caucasian State Trooper Standing Beside a Ford Mustang Car
  95. Helpful Worker Wearing Safety Gear While Digging with a Shovel
  96. Business Man and Woman Holding a Blank Sign
  97. Caucasian United States Salvation Army Attendant Saluting Beside a Donation Container
  98. Worker Man Backing up a Delivery Truck
  99. Caucasian Executive Woman Pointing a Pointer Stick Towards Her Right
  100. White Man Working on Pipes with a Wrench
  101. United States Air Force Pilot Saluting, on a White Background
  102. Happy United States Navy Sailor Saluting
  103. Smiling Army Woman Giving Thumbs-up
  104. U.S. Marine Delivering a Salute to a Superior
  105. White Army Soldier Armed with a Machine Gun
  106. Cute Female Dog Groomer Giving a Pampered Pooch a Pedicure
  107. White Man Handling a Search and Rescue Dog in a Burning Building
  108. White Dog Being Dried by a Female Dog Groomer
  109. White Female Groomer Blow Drying a Dog
  110. Caucasian Male Dog Groomer Grooming a Dog with a Razor While He Sits in a Chair, Holding a Drink
  111. Businessman Taking out the Trash
  112. Disgruntled Employee Businessman Pointing a Gun at His Computer Tower
  113. Tired Businessman Sitting at a Computer Desk in His Office, Waiting for the Day to End
  114. Businessman Giving Thumbs up to His Partner
  115. Businessman Checking Time on His Wristwatch, Waiting for an Appointment
  116. Businessmen Shaking Hands As They Close a Deal
  117. Mad Caucasian Businessman Giving a Dirty Look with His Face While Clenching Both Fists
  118. Male Professional Painter Artist Giving the Thumbs up While Painting a Smiley Face on Canvas
  119. Caucasian Female Painter Painting True Colours on a Wall
  120. Male Teacher Lurking over Two Students in a Classroom
  121. Female English Teacher Ironically Misspelling Her Lesson in a School Classroom
  122. Elderly Female Teacher and Male Student Standing in Front of a Blank Chalkboard in a Classroom
  123. Female Teacher Sitting at an Older Computer, Surrounded by School Kids in a Classroom
  124. Crosswalk Crossing Guard Man with a Stop Sign, Directing School Children and a Dog to Cross the Street, on White
  125. Man Welding on a Metal Pipeline Line Beside a Parked Construction Tractor
  126. Misleading Car Salesman Trying to Sell an Old Rusty Vehicle
  127. Agitated Female Telephone Operator Adjusting Lines
  128. Unaware Rodeo Clown with His Back Facing a Dangerous Approaching Bull
  129. Person Wearing a Bear Costume While Trying to Scare a Female Forest Ranger Outside
  130. Shoe Salesman Helping an Elderly Woman Pick out a New Pair of Purple Shoes
  131. Short Order Cook Heating Fresh Food on a Stove
  132. Two Male Movers Moving a Piece of Furniture into a House or Moving Truck
  133. Financial Woman Decorating with Dollar Signs
  134. Amateur Caricaturist Practising His Painting Skills on an Upright Portrait
  135. Male Magician Wearing Small Spectacles Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat
  136. Female Scientist Using a Microscope in a Laboratory on White
  137. Male Programmer Working on Two Computers at Once
  138. Woman with Frizzy Hair Getting a Manicure at a Professional Nail Salon Business
  139. Aggressive Landscaper Boss Managing His Unhappy Worker Employees
  140. Bored Drywall Installer Using Joint Compound and Fiberglass Tape
  141. Sheet Metal Worker in a Fabrication Shop Filing an Order
  142. Woman Putting Purple Upholstery on a Chair Frame
  143. Male Nurse Taking an Elderly Man’s Blood Pressure Reading
  144. Caucasian Female Nurse Pushing a Senior Man's Wheelchair past an Old Lady Using a Cane in the Hospital
  145. Caucasian Female Nurse Giving a Male Senior Patient in a Wheelchair a Test with a Respiratory Therapy Balloon
  146. Grinning Female School Nurse Putting a Bandage on a Boo-Boo of a School Boy
  147. Smiling Male Prostate Exam Patient in an Exam Room, Hiding from a Prostate Doctor
  148. Female African American Podiatrist Doctor Inspecting Feet in Her Office
  149. Caucasian Female Nurse Holding a Pill Cup and a Glass of Water for a Patient at a Hospital
  150. Frowning Elderly Seamstress Woman Sewing a Dress
  151. Librarians Putting Books on Shelves on White
  152. Grumpy Bus Driver Man Driving a School Bus Full of Elementary School Students
  153. Elementary School Children Waiting for a Yellow Bus Driver to Signal for Them to Cross a Street
  154. Caucasian Male Life Insurance Sales Agent Talking to a Client
  155. Male Worker Writing on Notepad and Looking Right
  156. Caucasian Male Jeweller Fixing Gold Wedding Ring
  157. Hands Typing on a Computer Keyboard on White
  158. Exhausted White Businessman Resting Feet on Computer Desk on White
  159. Private Pilot/Businessman Flying a Plane in the Sky
  160. Laptop Computer Salesman Inside the Computer
  161. Mad Businessman Pointing a Loaded Gun at Someone
  162. White Businessman Showing up Late to an Office Party
  163. Businessman Pointing the Finger to the Right
  164. Construction Worker Man Putting Together the Iron Structure of a Building
  165. Caucasian Woman Repairing a Broken Furnace Attached to a Water Heater
  166. Female Hypnotist Hypnotizing a Man Who Is Floating
  167. Caucasian Nurse Preparing an Intravenous Drip for a Hospitalized Patient
  168. Happy Blond Lady Working at a Portable Roadside Hot Dog Stand
  169. White Californian Highway Patrolman Writing a Ticket to a Speeding Motorist
  170. Black Interior Designer Holding a Color Chart
  171. Happy Businessman with an Idea Pointing Both of His Pointer Fingers up
  172. Hairdresser Working on a Client in Her Shop
  173. Caucasian Nurse Checking an Intravenous Drip's Pre-filled, Sterile Plastic Bag
  174. Grumpy Old Businessman Interviewing Someone While Sitting Behind a Desk
  175. Caucasian Man Using a Roller Brush to Paint a Wall with Colorful Paint
  176. Black Man Using a Roller Brush While Painting a Wall on White
  177. Man Talking on the Radio on White
  178. Hearing Impaired Caucasian Teacher Using Sign Language with a Student
  179. Caucasian Dining Room Attendant Who's in Charge of the Waiters and the Seating of Customers
  180. Apprentice Glazier Carrying a Big Glass Window Pane
  181. Caucasian Male Worker Resetting a Residential Gas Meter in an Alley
  182. Overworked White Repairman Sitting on a Pile of Broken Gas Meters
  183. Caucasian Meter Man Collecting Natural Gas Usages from Residential Houses on White
  184. Gas Meter Repairman Sitting in His Shop Eating Lunch on Break
  185. Male Genealogist Peering Through a Magnifying Glass at a Family Tree
  186. Nervous White Woman Gift Wrapping Presents at a Shopping Center
  187. White Man Backing up a Semi Truck with an Empty Flatbed Trailer
  188. Trio of Happy Men Working in a Flower Store
  189. Commercial Airline Flight Attendants Standing with a Pilot
  190. Black Female Clerk Putting Documents into a Filing Cabinet at the Office
  191. Caucasian Man Pumping Gas into a Commercial Utility Truck
  192. Confused Female Writer Scratching Her Head While Holding a Pencil
  193. Happy Female Pharmacist Restocking the Shelves with Bottles of Medicine and Drugs
  194. Helpful Fireman Spraying Water from a Hose Attached to a Fire Hydrant
  195. Caucasian Female Secretary Feeding a Paper Shredder Confidential Documents
  196. Man and Woman During a Fire Smoky Investigation
  197. Happy Female Painter Sitting Behind a Canvas While Holding Her Thumb up
  198. Grimmacing Female Computer Hacker Typing on a Keyboard
  199. Farmer Man Carrying Two Rounded Tip Shovels
  200. Humorous Row of Bugs Watching a Pest Control Exterminator Test a Chemical Pesticide Substance
  201. Black Female Eye Doctor Pointing at an Eye Chart in His Office
  202. Curious Caucasian Medical Doctor Taking Notes While Sitting at a Desk in a Hospital
  203. Happy Disc Jockey (DJ) Putting a Record on a the Player
  204. Caucasian Male Doctor Sitting on His Desk While Talking on White
  205. Brunette White Female Dietitian Teaching the Public About Food and Nutrition
  206. Engineers Calculating Numbers in Their Office
  207. Caucasian Electric Meter Reader Writing down Electricity Usage
  208. Helpful Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) Treating a Patient
  209. Electrician Wiring up a Brick Building
  210. White Doctor Giving an Examination of Eyes in an Ophthalmology Clinic
  211. Brunette White Female Trucker Driving an 18-Wheeler Big Rig Truck
  212. White Farmer with a Pitchfork Wearing Coveralls and a Cowboy Hat
  213. Food Health Inspector Man Inspecting a Dirty Kitchen at a Restaurant
  214. Cheerful Woman Standing with Children at a Daycare
  215. Pulled over White Man in a Truck Watching a Cop Writing a Speeding Ticket
  216. Stand-up Caucasian Female Comedian Telling a Jokes on Stage at a Comedy Club in New York City
  217. Cheerful Annoyed Businessman with a Stupid Secretary Counting Her Fingers
  218. Male Worker Man Getting a Cup of Coffee During His Break on Casual Friday
  219. 66th United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, Caricature Looking Right
  220. Funny Construction Worker Man Wearing Blue Boxer Shorts While Working Beside an Excavator
  221. Dog Groomer Cutting and Combing a Small Dog's Hair in the Dog Wash
  222. Scared White Person Leaving Female Hygienist's Old Fashioned Dental Room
  223. Male Veterinarian Handling a Dead Dog While Laying on a Table
  224. Male Businessperson Bringing Christmas Food Gifts Home
  225. Bearded Male Insurance Agent Accessing Damage of a Wrecked Sports Car
  226. White Male Carpenter Cutting Wood on a Sawhorse
  227. Caucasian Male Chiropractor Practicing Procedures on a Skeleton
  228. Mexican Repairman Working with Cable Wires on White
  229. Busy Male and Female Accountants Working at Desks
  230. Two Brown Belgian Horses Pulling a Farmer on a Plough
  231. American Man and Woman Traveling to Outer Space on a NASA Shuttle
  232. Angry Bald Pastor Throwing a Temper Tantrum in Church
  233. White Businessman with Briefcase Trying to Wave down a Taxi in a Big City
  234. Submissive Caucasian Businessman Holding a White Flag
  235. Successful Caucasian Businesswoman Holding the World in Her Hand - Business Concept
  236. Weary Caucasian Traveler Businessman Checking into a Hotel After Traveling
  237. Bossman Keeping a Close Eye on an Employee Filling His Cup with Water
  238. White Businessman Standing Outside Under a Black Umbrella in Rainy Weather
  239. Smiling and Friendly Businessman Waving Hello or Goodbye
  240. Busy Caucasian Man Typing on a Typwriter in His Office at a Publishing Firm
  241. White Businessman Typing on a Computer Keyboard in His Office at Work
  242. Male Teacher and Elementary Students in Classroom
  243. Caucasian Man Pushing an Empty Wheelbarrow
  244. Caucasian Man with a Heavy Duty High Performance Gas Powered Water Pressure Washer
  245. Wine Worker Man Harvesting Purple Wine Grapes
  246. Caucasian Woman Using a Pressure Washer
  247. Two Male and Female Surveyors at Work with Leveling Instruments
  248. Caucasian Elementary Male School Teacher Explaining to Students in Front of a Chalkboard
  249. Obese Female Math Teacher Watching Student Write a Math Equation on a Chalkboard
  250. Happy African American Sunday School Teacher Teaching Students About Jesus Christ
  251. Elderly Female Elementary School Teacher Teaching Students in a Classroom on a Chalkboard
  252. Male Hospital Patient Getting Some of His Limbs Amputated by Doctors at a Hospital
  253. Black Male Doctor Taking an X-ray of His Patients Chest
  254. White Obese Patient Hooked up to Medical Machines While Running on a Treadmill and Being Cared for by Doctors & Nurses
  255. White Male Doctor Taking Getting an X-ray of His Patients Stomach/Chest Area
  256. White Businessman Walking and Balancing on a Tightrope - Business Concept
  257. Fat White Businessman Stretching Legs Behind Office Desk
  258. Caucasian Conceptual Businessman Balancing on a Tightrope
  259. Caucasian Male Worker Chewing on Tobacco
  260. White Male Train Engineer Driving and Operating a Train
  261. Caucasian Male Taxidermist Working on a Big Yellow Bird
  262. Caucasian Heart Doctor Using a Stethoscope
  263. White Male Store Manager Holding a Clipboard
  264. Caucasian Businessman Sitting on Top of the World - Business Concept
  265. Businessman in Shadow Giving Slideshow Presentation
  266. Caucasian Male Biology Scientist Using a Microscope to Examine Something
  267. White Man Shredding Confidential Papers
  268. African American Scientist Holding Beaker with Colorful Chemicals
  269. Caucasian Male Chemist with Two Beakers
  270. Caucasian Female Scientist Testing Chemicals in a Lab
  271. Team of Male and Female Chemists Testing Chemicals in a Chemistry
  272. Caucasian Female Scientist Holding Pencil and Clipboard
  273. Caucasian Plumber Man Holding a Toolbox and Toilet Plunger
  274. Caucasian Woman Wearing a Red Dress While Working at a Computer Desk
  275. Caucasian Male Chef Holding Oversized Salt and Pepper Shakers
  276. Caucasian Man Wearing a Yellow Hardhat and Holding a Respirator on White
  277. Man and Woman Moving White Boxes
  278. Worried Caucasian Man Holding a Blank Legal Document in His Hand
  279. Puzzled White Man Wearing a Business Suit - Confusion
  280. White Fuel Attendant Pumping Unleaded Gas into a Woman's Car - Transportation Clipart
  281. Caucasian Psychiatrist Sitting Beside Sleeping Patient
  282. Scared and Worried Man Getting His First Prostate Exam from His Doctor
  283. Black Man Using a High Powered Water Pressure Washer
  284. Bored Psychiatric Patient Falling Asleep to Psychiatrist Lecturing
  285. Caucasian Businessman Getting a Cup of Joe
  286. White Man Cleaning with a Heavy Duty Gas Powered Pressure Washer
  287. Crowd of Businesspeople Watching Businessman Give His Presentation
  288. Caucasian Businessman Pointing Finger up
  289. Caucasian Businessman During a Presentation Pointing a Pointer Stick
  290. Caucasian Policemen Toasting Donut and Coffee Cup Together
  291. Caucasian Businessman Pointing at a Blank Board on a Wall
  292. Chef Moving a Big Aluminum Metallic Cooking Pot
  293. Caucasian Wanted Man Mailing a Package at the Post Office
  294. Caucasian Smiling Male Lawyer Pointing at an Important Blank Piece of Paper
  295. Businessman Wearing a Pink Tie and Holding a Blank Sign in Front
  296. Chubby Office Man Holding a Pink Slip
  297. White Alert Businessman Standing and Waiting with Hands in Pockets
  298. Customer Service Representative Woman Talking on Phone and Using Computer
  299. Blond Female Nurse Cleaning Needle After Drawing Blood Samples from Male Patient - Medical Humor
  300. Man Painting a White Vertical Surface with Red Paint
  301. Business Man Hanging out on a Limb for His Co-Worker - Business Concept
  302. White Business Man Talking on a Cellphone and Waving at Someone
  303. Elderly Female Nurse Weighing Overweight Man on a Scale
  304. Black Female Massage Therapist Massaging Caucasian Man's Back
  305. Lost Business Man Holding a Lit Candle During a Power Outage
  306. Businessperson Filling out Paperwork at Wood Computer Desk in His Office
  307. White and African American Office Employees Doing Their Daily Routine in the Office Building
  308. Pudgy Cowboy Farmer Holding a Pitchfork and Shovel
  309. Heavyset Businessman on His Coffee & Donut Break
  310. White Male Worker Digging a Deep Underground Hole with a Shovel
  311. Smiling Hispanic Cowboy Farmer Holding a Pitchfork
  312. Elderly Male Business Person Working in a Small Office Cubicle
  313. Three Male Workers Taking a Lunch Break, One Leaning Against a Fire Hydrant
  314. Packed up Businessperson Ready to Travel to New York
  315. Human-like Gray Elephant Custodian Cleaning and Mopping a Floor
  316. Human-like Male Business Elephant Carrying a Black Briefcase at His Side
  317. Nurse and Doctor Caring for a Hospitalized Man Attached to an IV Fluid Drip Line White in Bed
  318. Male Businessperson Holding the Globe in His Hands - Concept
  319. Businessman Working at His Home Office Today, Putting on a Professional Face
  320. Two Male Security Guards Relaxing on the Job
  321. Rich Banker Businessman Holding Cash Money in Both Hands
  322. Gray Suited Attorney Man Sitting Behind His Wood Business Desk in His Office
  323. Male Businessperson Holding a Blank Poster Board Sign
  324. Businessman in a Suit Holding the World in His Hand - Concept
  325. Maly Lawyer Reading an Important Legal Document on White
  326. Fat Businessman Wearing a Life Preserver
  327. Male Businessperson Holding a Ring of Keys and Unlocking a Padlock
  328. Thinking Ahead Businessman Wearing a Life Preserver Float Tube Around His Waist with a Finger to His Temple- Concept
  329. Pair of Frustrated Businessmen Thinking About Something
  330. Worried Male Businessperson Wearing a Life Preserver Floatation Tube Around His Waist - Concept
  331. Overweight Businessman Holding a Document in His Hand
  332. Male Funeral Director in a Black Suit Standing Beside a Casket
  333. Stern Businessman with a Disbelief Facial Expression and a Raised Eyebrow
  334. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officer with His Hands Behind His Back
  335. Female Maid Making a Bed in a Hotel Room
  336. Angry Male Military Police Officer Directing People to Move Right by Pointing His Finger
  337. Male Caucasian Carpenter with a Hammer and Nail
  338. Male Mover Moving a Heavy Refrigerator/Freezer with a Metal Dolly
  339. Movie Ticket Taker Man Standing Behind a Podium and Gate
  340. Businessman Using a Self-Retracting Pocket Tape Measure, Measuring Something
  341. Man Spraying a Noxious Pesticide/Insecticide Chemical Substance Used to Kill Insects
  342. Lonely Male Businessperson Sitting and Waiting by Himself at a Meeting Which Was Scheduled for 8:00
  343. Worker Man Measuring Something with a Yellow Tape Measure
  344. Businessman in a Suit Hanging by a Rope - Concept
  345. Male Doctor Hand Gesturing a Heart Symbol over His Front
  346. Worker Man Carrying a Toolbox and Pointing a Flashlight in the Dark
  347. Fat Male Restaurant Chef Holding a Fork and Knife
  348. Teacher Man Carrying Food on a School Lunch Tray in a Cafeteria
  349. Businessperson Man Pointing out America on a Globe
  350. Confused Businessman Man Shrugging His Shoulders
  351. Angry Male Business Person Standing with His Arms Crossed with an Angry Face
  352. Businessman Trying to Play Cool Carrying a Briefcase and Gesturing Wazzup with His Hand
  353. Ranger Armed with a Gun and Pointing a Flashlight at Night
  354. House Call Doctor Man with a Medical Bag and Stethoscope
  355. Perplexed Businessman Thinking About Something While Scratching His Head
  356. Businessman Pointing Hands and Fingers up to the Sky
  357. Hot Businessman Loosening up the Tie Around His Neck As He Sweats
  358. Ethnic Businessman Sweating from the Summer Heat, His Tongue Hanging out
  359. Hippie Businessman Wearing Colorful Clothing to His Work on Casual Friday
  360. Male Doctor Reading a Medical History on Clipboard and Holding a Pencil
  361. Businessman Sitting and Working at a Desk
  362. Male Dentist Using Big Drill on Patient's Teeth
  363. Businessman Washing His Hands with Soap After Using the Restroom
  364. Businessman Pointing at an Uncovered Manhole in the Middle of the Ground
  365. Male Construction Worker Drilling into a Wall with a Big Power Drill
  366. Cowboy Farmer or Rancher Scooping Cattle Dung with a Shovel
  367. Male Worker Wearing Old Holey Coveralls and a White Hard Hat
  368. Government Gas Checker Using a Combustible Gas Detector
  369. Male Worker Shining a Flashlight Towards the Ground While Inspecting Something
  370. Delivery Man Carrying a Big Package/Box over His Head
  371. Professional Male Cook Carrying a Covered Serving Plate over His Head
  372. Professional Male Chef in Cook's Whites Making Gravy
  373. Male Chef Lifting a Smoking Skillet from a Hot Stove Before Burning Food
  374. Mailman Getting Bitten by a Mean Dog
  375. Female Pet Groomer Cutting and Trimming Dog Hair with a Baathing Cat Nearby
  376. Blond Male Music Conductor Directing a Musical Performance with a Conducting Baton
  377. Repairman Trying to Fix a Broken Copy Machine, Taking a Peek Under the Hood
  378. Construction Crew with Shovels Working on the Road
  379. Male Cop in Patrol Uniform, Talking on a Portable CB Radio
  380. Businessman Holding a Letter and Sipping from a Cup of Coffee
  381. Male Chef Stirring a Large Pot of Soup with a Wood Spoon
  382. Repairman or Handyman Installing a New Lightbulb
  383. Middle Aged Businessman Talking on a Cellphone
  384. Male Chef Holding a Salt Shaker and a Skillet Facing Right
  385. Male Chef Wearing Oven Mitts and Holding a Hot Pot That Just Came from the Oven
  386. Female Chef Stirring a Huge Pot of Soup
  387. Male Chef Holding a Skillet and Pancake Turner
  388. Male Cook in White Holding a Spoon and Pot of Soup
  389. Male Chef in Cook's Whites Wearing an Oven Mitten and Holding a Cooking Pot
  390. Partying Businessman Holding a Glass and Bottle of Beer in Each Hand
  391. Male Baker Holding a Pan and Looking Back
  392. Male Chef Stirring a Tall Siver Pot of Stew
  393. Gray Haired Business Woman Sitting Behind Her Desk
  394. Businessman Sitting and Changing a Flat Tire
  395. Baker in Uniform Accidentally Dropping a Pan of Baked Cinnamon Rolls on the Floor
  396. Male Chef Tasting Food Before Serving It to Restaurant Patrons
  397. Baker in White Uniform Looking over His Shoulder While Holding a Tray of Raw Cinnamon Rolls
  398. Baker in Uniform Looking over His Shoulder While Holding Raw Food on a Tray
  399. Cement Layer Spreading and Evening Cement on the Ground
  400. Male Carpenter Hammering a Nail Through Wood Beams While Kneeling
  401. Ethnic Businessman Traveling with a Couple Brown Briefcases
  402. Black Secretary Working on a Computer
  403. Successful Businessman Surfing on a Rainbow Colored Skateboard
  404. Businessman Wearing a Gray Suit & Tie and Carrying a Briefcase
  405. Businessman Pointing His Fingers to the Side
  406. Two Business Partners Standing Together
  407. Male Waiter Who Poured a Glass of Wine
  408. Successful, Happy Businessman Dancing and Pointing
  409. Business Boss Looking over Employee's Shoulder As He Works at His Desk in His Office
  410. Male Scientist Experimenting with Chemicals in a Large Flask
  411. Paint Can and Paintbrush with Red Paint
  412. Bored African American Businessman Writing on Papers at His Office Desk
  413. Male Architect Putting a Model City Together with Model Buildings
  414. African American Businessman Restrained with a Ball and Chain
  415. Crawling Business Man on His Hands and Knees
  416. Blue Suit Business Man with a Red Tie
  417. Business Man Doubled over with an Upset Stomach
  418. Male Worker Who Threw His Back out
  419. Chef in a Green Collared Chefs Jacket, Preparing to Slice a Tomato While Cooking in a Kitchen
  420. Male Chef Carrying a Tray of Desserts in a Bakery
  421. White Male Doctor Giving a Middle Aged Man a Colonoscopy Exam
  422. White Male Carpet Layer Carrying a Roll of Red Carpet
  423. Brown Business Cow Carrying a Briefcase and Holding a Cup of Coffee on the Way to Work
  424. Male Chef Holding a Salt Shaker in One Hand and a Skillet in Another
  425. Blond White Culinary Female Chef Mixing a Pot of Food in a Kitchen
  426. Fat Man Mowing in Really Tall Grass
  427. Black and White Chubby Female Teacher Gesturing to a Blank Chalkboard